ViziBasic 1.1

Development environment add-on for GUI objects

ViziBasic stands for Visual easy Basic for Palm. It is an add-on application, specially made for easing the development of iziBasic projects requiring GUI components .

ViziBasic is an application dedicated to:

  • design simple GUI applications, with forms and objects in a form
  • have objects perform specific actions thanks to attached iziBasic source code to each object, source code that you write to customize these actions
  • generate and write the iziBasic source code to some Palm DOC format file that can then be edited like any other iziBasic source code for further enhancing your application
  • thanks to its integration with the iziBasic compiler, directly compile the generated iziBasic source code for immediate result

Add a visual touch to your Basic projects.

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ViziBasic 1.1

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