Sequence 1.0

Test your memory with this simple game


  • Normal and Expert modes
  • Simple to play


  • Becomes a bit too repetitive


If you have the memory of a sieve then perhaps its time you put it into training to improve your quality of life.

Remember those 'Simon' games that were popular a few years ago, where you have to remember a sequence of colored lights?

Well, Sequence allows you to revisit this classic memory game on your Palm device.

The game displays a series of nine differently colored squares on screen and begins playing them in a sequence (hence the name), starting at two.

After the pattern has been displayed you need to replicate the sequence by tapping the appropriate squares on screen. After each one you get right, one more square gets added to the end of the sequence, making it harder and harder.

If you play in Expert mode, then there is a completely new sequence after every one you get right, which, unless you're an elephant, becomes virtually impossible when you get to a sequence of about 12.

You have the option to turn on sounds if you find this helps (I didn't), but aside from this there isn't much you can customize. Hence, after a while the action does get rather repetitive.

Test your memory trying to reproduce the sequence of keys played by your Palm! . Two game modes are offered in Sequence: Normal, where the same sequence is incremented at each new level; and Expert, where a new sequence of more and longer is offered at each new level.



Sequence 1.0

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