PHPMaker 5.0.1

A solid PHP code generator


  • Enables you to create clean PHP instantly
  • Many security features for websites rich in PHP
  • Saves development time


  • Overwhelmed with features in latest release
  • Takes a while to learn


Generating PHP from MySQL databases can sometimes be a troublesome and complicated process but PHPMaker is a powerful tool that does it with impressive speed and accuracy.

Using PHPMaker, you can quickly create websites that allow users to view, edit, search, add and delete records on the Web.

PHPMaker comes with a multitude of options that enable you to generate PHP applications depending on the type of project you are working on.

The generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize. It's also pretty flexible because the PHP scripts that are generated can be run on both Windows or Linux/Unix servers.

They key to this program is the simplification of the PHP process. Even beginners can use it with patience. The latest major release of PHPMaker includes a whole realm of enhanced features most notably a Grid-Edit feature that enables you to edit multiple records simultaneously in the List page.

it also offers Inline-Add and Inline-Copy as so you can modify records in real time on the List page itself. Other major features include an Enhanced View Page, Registration Page, CAPTCHA tool (to ensure it's a human user registering), Multiple Master/Detail, More Ajax plus Improved Security features.

Perhaps the only thing that can be said against PHPMaker is that it's slightly overwhelmed with features, especially in the new version.

PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of PHP quickly from MySQL database.

User reviews about PHPMaker

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