GlimmerMail 1.02

Manage your Hotmail and MSN accounts with this handy tool

GlimmerMail, formerly known as HeatMail, is the only Native Palm mail client that provides a direct wireless connection to your Hotmail and MSN email accounts. GlimmerMail allows you to access your Hotmail and MSN messages when you really need them! No longer will you need to use the slow and crippled mobile Hotmail/MSN website. With GlimmerMail, just press the Get button and all of your new messages are downloaded right to your Treo.

You can do more than just read your messages! GlimmerMail enables you to synchronize your Treo with your Hotmail/MSN account. If you delete or mark a message read on the website, the next time you use GlimmerMail, the changes can be synchronized to your Treo. In addition, you can synchronize and access folders.

If you don't want to check your messages through the Hotmail/MSN websites anymore, GlimmerMail is the perfect solution for you. You can use GlimmerMail to easily delete messages, change the read status, setup message filters, write new messages and more all from your Treo.

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GlimmerMail 1.02

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