Color Sudoku

Color Sudoku 9.5

A colorful way to play Sudoku


  • Two different grid sizes
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Games are timed


  • Not as challenging as regular Sudoku
  • Few configuration settings


There are seemingly endless variations of Sudoku out there - but Color Sudoku is slightly more unusual than most.

Color Sudoku does away with numbers and uses colors instead, so this is definitely not a game for the color blind. As you might have guessed, Color Sudoku requires you to fill in the grids with colors instead of numbers. Color Sudoku allows you to play with 4x4 or 9x9 grids, the larger one obviously posing the toughest challenge. Settings, Game details and Instructions are all easily accessible in the menu bar across the top.

When you click on an empty space, you're presented with a mini palette of colors from which you need to choose. A timer at the top of the screen limits the time you have available to make your choices which is where the challenge lies. You can alter the level of difficulty by dragging the bar from easy to hard. The overall presentation of the game is excellent, and it somehow feels easier than normal Sudoku.

Color Sudoku is an excellent alternative to Sudoku with numbers and especially ideal for beginners to the Sudoku concept.

Color Sudoku


Color Sudoku 9.5

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