Changes 1.5.6

Directory comparison and file differencing tool


  • Great interface
  • Text comparison view
  • Easy to sync folders


  • Can still be unstable

Very good

Changes can help you escape code madness and easily find the differences and changes between two text files.

If you work with code regularly, you probably know how difficult and annoying it can be looking for changes and checking that everything is correct. Changes has a great text comparison view which puts two versions of the same text side by side and lets you quickly pick up on differences. You can decide to merge either the change from the document on the left or the right, avoiding you the pain of rewriting or copying and pasting.

We also really liked how Changes offers integration support for the most popular text editors, like BBEDit, TextWangler, TextMate or Xcode. You can still work with your favorite text editor and use Changes only to find differences.

Changes is still only at version 1.0, so it can still be a little unstable every now and then.

Overall though, Changes is a very handy tool to detect and change differences in text files. Great for programmers.

File and Folder Comparison and Merging


  • File and Folder Comparison and Merging

Changes' folder synchronization support makes keeping up-to-date is a trivial exercise. Filter out the clutter! Ignore those those pesky .DS_Store files, .svn directories, and other stuff that builds up over the course of a project.

The super-sharp Text Comparison View helps you identify and merge areas of change within text files. Collapse text to get rid of the clutter. Edit in place. It's your workflow - take control of it!.



Changes 1.5.6

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