Aspicore Ping

Aspicore Ping (S80) 1.0

Perform 'pings' from your Nokia handset

Aspicore Ping is a simple tool which allows you to emulate the ping command from your Nokia 93xx/95xx handset. Exactly the same as its functionality in MS-DOS and Linux, Aspicore Ping allows to see the exact time that it takes packets of data to be sent to and received from, a remote host.

What you can do with it:

  • Troubleshoot network connections by pinging network nodes
  • Measure GPRS response time
  • Make sure your Internet access point works
  • Check your firewall settings and NAT gateways
  • Show your current IP address

A handy network analysis tool for your Nokia Communicator.

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Aspicore Ping


Aspicore Ping (S80) 1.0

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